Rauanheimo continues investing in Tahkoluoto terminal of the deep-water port of Pori

The project completion and significant increase in the cargo handling capacity will provide substantial growth of the cargo flows, particularly coal, through Tahkoluoto terminal. The new bulk terminal will be put into operation in the summer 2020.

Rauanheimo’s CEO Joakim Laxåback shares the company’s plans:

– We are building a large automated bulk terminal consisting of effective facilities and equipment for handling big bulk cargo flows. Through automation of the terminal operations we create opportunities for moving the goods quickly, securely and energy-efficiently. The objectives of ensuring quick turnaround time for the wagons, short ship waiting time, as well as handling cost optimization will be achieved at the terminal with utilization of the high-quality equipment manufactured by ThyssenKrupp and advanced technologies. Our terminal will provide customers with a full range of services such as discharge of wagons, storage of cargo, magnet cleaning, crushing, quality control at the sampling station, as well as loading of the vessels. Paying much attention to the environmental issues, we have implemented advanced technologies of dust minimization, including effective water injection during unloading and storage of coal, water spraying and dustless covered conveyors.

Rauanheimo started operations in Tahkoluoto in February 2018. The important competitive strengths of Tahkoluoto include its perfect accessibility due to both the deep fairway (15,3 m) and excellent railway connection, which is a part of the Finnish-Russian railway network. Rauanheimo has developed good cooperative relationships with third parties, one of which is VR Transpoint, our partner regarding railway transportations.

We believe that the implemented investment project will significantly increase the scale of our operations in Tahkoluoto, as well as positively contribute in the development of the port.

Check out our animation video of the terminal.