Job vacancies


Couldn’t find a suitable job vacancy?

If you didn’t find a suitable job vacancy, you can send us an open application and introduce yourself as well as answer a few questions. We actively follow and review incoming applications, please tell us what kind of work you are looking for and where in Finland you are situated.  We will contact you if we have any interesting positions to offer you in your area. We will keep your application for one (1) year.

If you want to apply to any of our sister companies, please fill in the KWH Logistics business group open application here.

What do we at Rauanheimo expect from you?

Rauanheimo helps customers combine sea and land transports into seamless total logistics solution. Our personnel is in a key position. We are keen on developing the competence of our personnel due to the fact that they are the most valuable asset of our company. Furthermore we are interested in employing people who are willing to learn more and develop themselves on a continuous basis.

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