The Port of Oulu is a quickly expanding port under rapid development. Good infrastructure from the port enables efficient transports to all of the North Calotte, as highway E75 runs only a few kilometres south from the port. The railway transports goods both north, south and east.

When the port is completed, it will be very competitive, not only for flows of goods from Northern Finland, but also from Russia. The Port of Oulu has regular traffic with RoRo and container ships to Europe with several departures every week.

Port of Oulu facts

Depth: 10 metres (12.5 metres in the future)
Type of goods: Containers, break bulk, dry bulk

Rauanheimo in the Port of Oulu

Rauanheimo owns warehouses for both bulk cargo and break bulk in Port of Oulu. In addition to this, we offer different types of added-value services, such as stuffing containers, and, if needed, we offer ship agency services.

Visiting address

Oy M. Rauanheimo Ab
Poikkimaantie 4
90400 OULU
+358 20 7771 300