By buying forwarding services from us in an overall package deal, our customers are free to take their minds of the transport and concentrate on their core businesses. We take the overall responsibility for the logistical chain and transport our customers’ goods door to door.

The forwarding is customised as an overall package according to every specific need and can comprise everything from road and rail transports to loading and unloading in port. In addition, all documents and paperwork needed for the forwarding, such as customs documents and consignment notes, are included.

Forwarding door-to-door

Our way of working allows us to take care of our customers’ goods from the moment they leave the factory until they reach their end destination anywhere in the world. We collaborate both with our sister companies and our vast network of experienced partners in the logistics industry. Therefore, we can offer competitive overall solutions that follow set timetables. We have also expanded our storage capacity in the ports where we operate, making the transport chains even more flexible than before.

We are at your service, both for transports within Finland, imports and exports, and for transit traffic through Finland. In forwarding, we make use of our entire wide selection of services, creating efficient overall solutions.

In addition to regular transports, we are also at your service for different types of project cargo and have the capacity to handle large and heavy cargo.

Our customs services include, among others:

  • customs warehouse records
  • customs clearance at import and export
  • forwarding documents such as CMR and B/L
  • External Union transit (T1, TIR Carnet)
  • transit forwarding