Finland’s transit traffic is growing – a new association was established to promote competitiveness

Finland’s Transit Association has been established to promote the growth and competitiveness of Finnish transit traffic. The association consists of major players in the industry, such as ports, logistics companies and cities. The association has started its operations on 19 September 2018.

The transit traffic is expected to grow significantly in the near future, based on the growth figures for 2018. The primary goal of the new association is to improve the growth, competitiveness and operating conditions of the Finnish route.

In Finland, transit traffic plays a significant role especially in the ports of Kokkola, HaminaKotka and Pori. Other ports are also now active in the development of transit traffic. The most significant ways to increase the competitiveness of the Finnish route are, for example, investing in the railway infrastructure and adding flexibility to the maritime rules.

Joakim Laxåback, Managing Director of Oy M. Rauanheimo Ab, is the Chairman of the Board of Finland’s Transit Association.