Remote-controlled wheel loader deployed in Kokkola

With bold steps enabled by digitalization, a port operator can improve its competitiveness as a service provider and be a pioneer in new and desirable jobs. For example, remotely controlled work machines streamline operations and increase safety by reducing the need for staff movements between break areas, equipment parks, and handling sites. Rauanheimo has deployed its first remotely controlled wheel loader for testing, which handles bulk materials both at the quay area and within the warehouse at Kokkola Deep Port. A Volvo L 350 H wheel loader has been equipped with Teleon remote control equipment and is operated from a remote-control panel located in social spaces, which is identical in all respects to the driver’s workstation in the cabin.

– By involving the entire staff already in the planning phase of development, resistance to changes and fears of job reduction can be reduced, says Rauanheimo’s Senior Advisor Pasi Salmela. The staff’s involvement in the changes is a guarantee of success and job retention, and even their increase.