Rauanheimo handles very significant quantities of imported wood in Mussalo

The rapidly changing world situation in recent times has brought companies the need to find new routes for the flow of raw materials to Finland. One such is the significant increase in the amount of imported wood transported by sea from the Baltic Sea region by the Finnish forest industry to replace wood brought by the Russian railway. The port of HaminaKotka is a very important transit port for these flows. Rauanheimo has brought a new routing option to forest industry customers by opening a new terminal in Mussalo, especially for the needs of customers using rail transport.

The port of Mussalo is very suitable for wood handling in terms of infrastructure. The port has a Jänskä pier dedicated to wood handling, plenty of field storage space and a loading track that enables the loading of an entire train at once. Rauanheimo handles imported wood for both UPM and Stora Enso in Mussalo.

Rauanheimo is an excellent partner for the forest industry in handling imported timber traffic, because by combining stevedoring, forwarding, and storage services as well as sea and land transport, the company enables efficient logistics chains that improve the customer’s competitiveness. Rauanheimo, together with its sister company Adolf Lahti, manages Mussalo’s operation and acts as a coordinator between different stakeholders. In Mussalo Rauanheimo has equipment that is excellently suited for processing imported wood, from efficient port cranes to wood processing field machines of various sizes. The entire fleet is equipped with loading scales.

– ‘I am very satisfied with the launch of our new opening in Mussalo. We have shown that we can react quickly and efficiently to changes and serve the Finnish industry in the turmoil of world trade. We have contracts for wood processing with several customers and I believe that the quantities will develop significantly,’ says Tero Kosonen.

Rauanheimo is a leading port operator with long experience and strong investment ability. Rauanheimo’s strengths include a competent, motivated, and service-minded staff and fast and efficient ship unloading, which is supported by investments in modern and efficient equipment. In 2021, the company handled a record amount of 11.7 million tonnes.

More information:
Tero Kosonen
CEO, Rauanheimo
Tel. +358 40 862 0292