Elementis and Rauanheimo started logistics cooperation at the beginning of 2022

Elementis has a long tradition of refining specialty chemicals. One of its main products is talc, which is used worldwide for applications
such as plastics, coatings, paper, personal care products and pharmaceuticals. Elementis mines and enriches talc in Finland, where the Sotkamo and Vuonos plants have been operating since 1969. The Group also has two talc factories in the Netherlands; in Amsterdam and Katwijk, where talc products are delivered by ship for further processing. In addition, the Finnish factories supply talc products directly to customers in Finland, the Nordic countries, the Baltic States, the rest of Europe, Asia, and the United States. Different types of talc are supplied to different customers, including bulk, bagged, granulated and slurry. There are hundreds of combinations of products and delivery methods, and under no circumstances should different types of talc be mixed together. For example, grades of talc suitable for the paint and forestry industries are different with regard to particle size and whiteness.
– The production process is based on laboratory analyses says Juha Räsänen, Supply Chain Manager at Elementis Finland. The handling and storage of talc products requires special care on the part of the logistics partner.
Elementis’ logistics partner is Rauanheimo.

Benefits of centralization

At the Sotkamo and Vuonos plants, talc is loaded into bulk and pallet wagons, which are delivered by train to the port warehouse in Kotka and from there to Amsterdam.
– Our cooperation includes loading of talc loads at the factories, unloading at the port, storage, pallet loading for direct customer deliveries and ship loading to the company’s chartered vessels, as well as comprehensive forwarding and reporting services, says Niko Orpana, Regional Director of Rauanheimo.
Rauanheimo’s terminals at Mussalo in Kotka are ideal for transportation, meaning that all production can be concentrated in one place. From the terminals, cargo is transferred to containers, ships and also for direct road transport. Centralisation of traffic creates a seamless, efficient and flexible supply chain from plant to ship.
– Centralisation means that all transportation is optimised, giving the customer convenience, flexibility, reliable delivery and cost-efficiency, Orpana says.

In pole position

The cooperation between Elementis and Rauanheimo got off to a flying start after the turn of the year and is developing bit by bit. Räsänen says he is satisfied with the overall result. Rauanheimo’s entrepreneurial ownership and entrepreneurial attitude add flexibility to operations. In addition, its partner is serious and has a good reputation.
– I originally contacted Rauanheimo especially because of its good location, Räsänen says. Kotka and Vuosaari are important port locations for our operations, and Rauanheimo has operations in both.
The port warehouses are located in the area close to the quay and ideally located for unloading trains.
Elementis is the only company in the world to process talc using enrichment technology. This unique position offers great opportunities for the future. As a listed company, Elementis is naturally looking for profitable growth. The talc industry is constantly looking for new partners and customers Operations will also be made more efficient by developing unloading and loading operations.
– Rauanheimo is a large enough operator with the resources to accommodate our expansion, Räsänen says.


Elementis is a specialty chemicals company listed on the London Stock Exchange, employing over 1,400 people in more than 30 locations around the world. The versatile product range serves industrial customers in particular. In Finland, Elementis Minerals B.V. Branch Finland has two talc plants, one in Sotkamo and one in Outokumpu. The factories have a combined capacity of more than 300 000 tonnes per year. www.elementis.com