The transit traffic from Russia will continue for the time being

Rauanheimo as well as KWH Logistics will continue for the time being to handle transit cargo from Russia that is not subject to sanctions. The traffic may continue since VR Group announced 30.3. the resumption of freight traffic from Russia.

We buy the Finnish railways transport as a subcontractor service from VR Group. The traffic that is now resumed applies to the transports of coal and fertilizers that are shipped to Europe. These products are not affected by sanctions.

We are closely following the development of the situation and updates on sanctions towards Russia. We will adapt our operations immediately in case new sanctions come into force. An immediate interruption of that traffic through a unilateral decision on our part is not possible. We have already earlier made a strategic decision not to renew existing contracts for transports from Russia and we will under the current circumstances not sign new agreements with Russian actors.

You can find VR Group’s press release here.