Mirja Hihnala’s 40 year Medal of Merit celebration and retirement

On Tuesday the 23 of February 2021 Mirja Hihnala was celebrated for her long career at Rauanheimo, with a limited number of participants. After 40 years of working at Rauanheimo, Mirja will leave Rauanheimo in the end of March for a well-earned retirement.

Below a few excerpts from Rauanheimo’s Managing Director Joakim Laxåback’s speech that he held at the celebration:

When Mirja started her career, she was among the first female shipping agents in Finland. Mirja worked as a Shipping agent for twenty years. The last twenty years she has worked as Ship Agency Manager and has now the role of Senior Advisor. As a supervisor, she has been actively involved in her ship agency team. 

Her career is characterized by diligence and a strong commitment to managing and developing the company’s service production. Thanks to this, Mirja is regarded as an expert in her field, both inside the company, but also by customers and partners. 

Mirja has performed her duties in a long-term, persistent and productive manner. She has been a well-liked supervisor and and a good colleague. She has had the ability to lead her team with determination and at the same time motivate the work community to perform their best in order to achieve the company’s goals.  

Mirja was awarded with the Chamber of Commerce Gold Medal of Merit for 40 yeras of working for the same employer and a personal certificate of honor. The medal was awarded for meritorious, significant, long-term and productive work at Rauanheimo that also promoted the business sector. The Medal of Merit is a way to thank and show appreciation for an excellent job.

We want to thank Mirja and wish her a lovely, well deserved retirement!

Senior Advisor Mirja Hihnala

Mirja’s successor Ship Agency Manager Joel Salmela, Senior Advisor Mirja Hihnala and Rauanheimo’s Managing Director Joakim Laxåback

Rauanheimo’s Managing Director Joakim Laxåback, Rauanheimo’s Senior Advisor Mirja Hihnala, Rauanheimo’s former Local Director Antti Ahonen, Port of Kokkola’s Harbour Master Carita Rönnqvist, Port of Kokkola’s CEO Torbjörn Witting