Rauanheimo’s new wagon unloading terminal in Mussalo

Rauanheimo has expanded their operations in Mussalo, port of HaminaKotka.

The company has invested in four warehouse terminals in Mussalo with a combined size of about 30 000 m2 and most recently invested in a new unloading terminal for railway wagons. Sister company Adolf Lahti has also invested in Mussalo. They have acquired two mobile port cranes as well as transport and other bulk handling equipment. Thanks to these investments Rauanheimo can now offer total logistics services at the bulk terminal such as rail freight, unloading of freight wagons, storage, ship loading, sea freight and necessary documentation.

The project started in spring 2019 and the construction work for the new unloading terminal started in November 2019. The construction was received in July 2020.
– The construction project itself went really well and according to plan. We did not encounter any problems during the project and it was carried out according to both the set schedule and budget, says Niko Orpana, Region Director at Rauanheimo for Southern Finland.

Rauanheimo’s investments in Mussalo have aroused a lot of interest and the company is now looking forward to new traffic starting in the fall of 2020. The investments, such as the new unloading station, are expected to increase the company’s volumes with about 1,0-1,5 million tons. The current yearly capacity of about one million tons is expected to gradually increase to three million tons. The new unloading terminal is suitable for handling grain and fertilizer among other products.

Rauanheimo will keep investing in the development of their operations in order to become more efficient and environmentally friendlier. The company will also be looking for additional volumes and aim to expand the customer base,  especially in the transito department.