Personnel news

Kim Ventin has been appointed Regional Director for Western Finland from 15.2.2020. He will be responsible for the management and development of the western region of Finland and for increasing the freight traffic in the port of Kokkola. He reports to the Managing Director and is a member of the Management Group.

Kim has extensive experience from different management and development positions in supply chain management and logistics at Boliden Group. Kim has been positioned in Rotterdam, Kokkola and most recently Boliden Smelters in Stockholm.



During the last years Rauanheimo has recruited and appointed personnel according to our growth and renewal strategy. Below a list of recent appointments. Please take some time to get to know our staff and feel free to contact us. We have gathered all our contacts here.

North region

Seppo Vehkaoja has been appointed Regional Director for North Region and is a part of the management team. Seppo is located in Oulu.

Joni Korkala has been appointed Operational Planner. Joni is responsible for resource and operational planning in the northern region. Joni is located in Oulu.

West region

Stefan Brännkärr has been appointed SHEQ Manager. Stefan is responsible for evaluating and developing work safely and maintaining and developing the quality management system.

Anton Holm has been appointed Sales Manager for the western region and port of Kokkola. Anton is located in Kokkola. His main tasks are selling our services, preparation of quotations and contracts and monitoring the market.

Anna Långbacka has been appointed Marketing Manager. She is responsible for the planning and execution of our marketing and customer management together with the management team and sales personnel.

Anssi Martinmäki has been appointed Forwarding Manager. He is responsible for managing our forwarding services in the western region.

Mika Timonen has been appointed Operational Manager. He is responsible for managing our operational activities, resource allocation and education of our field personnel in Kokkola. Mika also participates in the quotation and sales processes.

Sofie Wiss has been appointed Sales and Marketing Manager for the western and northern regions. She is located in Kokkola. Her main tasks are selling and marketing our services, monitoring the market and our marketing materials.

Tom Haldin has been appointed Shipping Agent. His main tasks are ship’s clearances in the port of Kokkola.

Pasi Salmela has been appointed Advisor and Specialist regarding Stevedoring & Terminals. His main tasks are development of stevedoring and terminal operations and coordinating major growth projects. He will also support and advice our new foremen.

Heikki Ylikoski has been appointed Operational Planner. Heikki is responsible for resource and machine planning in the western region.

South region

Saku Huovila has been appointed Logistics Manager. He is responsible for planning, surveillance and development of the operational operations in the port of HaminaKotka.

Tommi Sievers has been appointed to Sales Manager for the southern region. His main tasks are sales and marketing, customer acquisition and development of our service concepts.

Jarkko Vaarakallio has been appointed Production Manager at Vuosaari harbor in the port of Helsinki. Jarkko is responsible for the operational functions at the terminals for pulp and sawn timber.

Stanislav Merkin has been appointed Shipping Agent. His tasks are mainly ship’s clearances in the ports of Hanko, Helsinki and HaminaKotka.


Margarita Klimschin has been appointed Business Development Director for our Russian operations. She is also Head of our Moscow Representative Office and acts as our Managing Directors assistant in Russian business. She is responsible for our Russian customer contacts.

Mika Lepänjuuri has been appointed Transit Director and is responsible for Rauanheimo’s transit operations. He is located in Helsinki.

Yuri Teslenko has been appointed Logistics Director for Russia. Yuri is located in Moscow. He is responsible for customer acquisition, marketing and market research as well as the development of new logistics solutions.

Oxana Datsyuk has been appointed Key Account Manager. She is responsible for daily administrative services and contacts with our major customer.

Anastasia Köykkä has been appointed Transit Traffic Specialist. Her main tasks are administrative services regarding transit traffic and marketing. She is located at our Helsinki office.

Natalia Toivonen has been appointed Transit Traffic Specialist. Her main tasks are documentation of arriving goods, forwarding services, monitoring of storage and reporting. Natalia is located in Mussalo harbor in port of HaminaKotka.