Rauanheimo commences new freight traffic to Koverhar port

Rauanheimo will, jointly with sister company Adolf Lahti, commence the handling of transit cargo in Koverhar port. The receipt and handling of the cargo will start during the second half of October.

The process of planning the traffic has been going on intensively also with the Port of Hanko and VR Transpoint. The resourcing of equipment and work teams is currently going on and the cargo will be handled with machines, which are operated by Adolf Lahti, for instance two port cranes, wheel loaders and four dump trucks in the size category 170 tons. The unloading of the wagons will be done using two effective gantry undercarriage excavators.

The investments made by the Port of Hanko in the rail infrastructure of the port will soon be completed. This enables the realization of an effective transport of railway wagons to Koverhar. In 2020 the rail traffic to Koverhar is expected to reach approx. 1,2 million tons.

Rauanheimo sees Koverhar as an excellent opportunity also for the domestic export and import traffic and discussions related to this have already started with different parties.