Galea Shipping – a new name with over a century of experience

KWH Logistics is renewing its ship agency operations

KWH Logistics is developing, strengthening, and streamlining its ship agency operations. The new company structure and ship agency brand enable customers to receive even more tailored and comprehensive services while retaining familiar contacts and an agile approach. With this transformation, we are forming an exceptionally extensive service network in Finland, and our ship agency services will be available in all Finnish ports.

Ship agency services centralized under the Galea Shipping brand

The new company, Oy Galea Shipping Ab, was launched on December 12, 2023, in Helsinki at an event held at Allas Seagrill (Allas Sea Pool). In the future, KWH Logistics’ ship agency services will be provided centrally by Galea Shipping – an innovative and fresh ship agency company with over 140 years of background in logistics.

In the new company structure, the agency personnel of Rauanheimo and Jalander will merge into a new organization through a business transfer. The agency personnel of Backman-Trummer will also transfer to the service of Galea Shipping. Ship Agency Director Joel Salmela will be responsible for the new organization’s operational activities, officially starting on January 1, 2024.

A solid foundation built together makes us strong

All ship agents, marketing, HR, and representatives of the management team of KWH Logistics companies have collaboratively developed the ship agency company’s foundation and operating principles in joint workshops. Topics included team collaboration, marketing, adding value to customers, skills development, and strategy. We are particularly proud that this transformation has been carried out collaboratively – this way, we can ensure that we offer our customers a service that reflects their unique expectations.

“The long-term goal of ship agency operations is to secure our position in the market through renewal and integration, create growth and added value, focus on industry expertise, professionalism, and quality awareness. Our services must be market- and customer-oriented; we need to understand the needs of our customers and proceed from there.”
Joakim Laxåback, KWH Logistics Head of Division and CEO.

For more information:

Joel Salmela
Director, Ship Agency Services
+358 40 559 6573

Joakim Laxåback
Head of Division and CEO
+358 20 777 1303

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