The impacts of the Ukrainian crisis on Rauanheimo

Rauanheimo and the entire business group KWH Logistics condemns Russia’s military actions against Ukraine. We extend our deepest sympathies to all Ukrainians affected by the conflict. 

The crisis has also affected our business operations. The sanctions have partly affected the transit traffic handled by us and the handling of iron pellets from Russia has therefore been interrupted in Kokkola. We have started co-operation negotiations to implement adjustments for our personnel in Kokkola. 

How the crisis will impact our other operations and logistics chains will depend on other possible sanctions and boycotts. The situation has some level of indirect effects on almost all our operations. Our services are also affected by decisions from companies and shipping companies that conduct trade in Russia. In addition, there may be changes in the availability of transport capacity, schedules and routes compared to normal conditions. 

We are following the situation closely and will report on it as needed. For further information about the effects of the crisis on Rauanheimo, please contact our CEO Tero Kosonen.