The Transport Workers’ Union AKT’s overtime and shift swap ban commences 1st February 2022

Updated 27.1.2022

The Transport Workers’ Union AKT has announced that they will commences overtime and shift swap ban on 1st February 2022 at 6 a.m. to speed up ongoing negotiations. The dockworkers’ agreement is valid until 31st January 2022.  

The ban on overtime and shift swaps may affect our ability to perform operative services in accordance with agreements. These actions that are beyond our control, will slowdown part of our operations and in case of illness, shifts may be insufficient and occasional disturbance may occur.  

We will follow the development of the situation and report on it separately and on customer-specific basis.  

We apologize for any disruption. For further information about the ban, please contact our Regional Directors: 
Northern Region: Seppo Vehkaoja, p. +358 44 972 9432,
Western Region: Kim Ventin, p. +358 40 585 4907,
Southern Region: Niko Orpana, p. +358 50 328 5142,