The cooperation between Rauanheimo and Terrafame deepens

Rauanheimo is now providing innovative total logistics services in an even larger scale for Terrafame, with the start-up of their new battery chemical plant.

The cooperation between Rauanheimo and Terrafame goes far back, Rauanheimo has been a part of the logistics operations of the mine in Sotkamo from the early stages of planning and the start-up. Rauanheimo has managed the logistics of production consumables as well as finished product through the port of Kokkola. The total logistic services provided by Rauanheimo now also include the logistic services of the new battery chemicals plant.

The commercial production of the battery chemical plant starts in the late spring of 2021. The popularity of electric vehicles and the high demand of battery chemicals sets new demands for Terrafame’s logistics chain. Rauanheimo is part of Terrafame’s logistics chain from the plant to the ports.

Rauanheimo operates in all major ports in Finland, and is continuously looking for business opportunities in new locations, in order to find the most suitable solutions for their customers. Rauanheimo has been operating in the port of HaminaKotka since 2018 and has developed a wide range of solutions suitable for different goods. Rauanheimo is building a new terminal-area in the port for a new type of logistics solution that is ideally suited for the battery chemical industry that is now being built in Finland. Rauanheimo is continuously investing in and developing their services. The company’s efficient and sustainable total logistics solutions improve the customers logistics chain from the plant to the customer.

Rauanheimo is part of KWH Logistics business group that is part of the KWH Group. Thanks to the financially sound owner and efficient network of partners Rauanheimo has a very good readiness to build a new logistics concept together with the industry. One example is a tailor made information system for handling of containers for battery chemical products, that the company has built together with the customer. Another example is a 26 000 m2 high quality terminal in Mussalo that Rauanheimo has acquired. The terminal is suitable for handling and warehousing of several different types of goods. The land surrounding the terminal is in Rauanheimo’s management, so it is possible to expand the capacity from the current state, if necessary on a very short schedule.

– It is great to be Terrafame’s logistics partner, we at Rauanheimo see the battery chemicals industry as an industry of the future. It is an honor to be part of the development of the industry from the early stages, says Rauanheimo’s Region Directors Niko Orpana (Southern Finland), Kim Ventin (Western Finland) and Seppo Vehkaohja (Northern Finland).

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