Rauanheimo’s new investments in the port of HaminaKotka

Rauanheimo has acquired a 26 000 m2 property in the port of Mussalo.

Rauanheimo’s earlier investment in Mussalo was completed in late summer this year. The testruns for the new wagon unloading station during fall have been successful. In addition to the wagon unloading station and the related rails and bulk warehouse terminals, Rauanheimo has now also invested in a 26 000 m2 property in Mussalo.

The property that earlier served as a gas pipeline coating facility for the Nordstream project is built in 2008 and is of high quality. The operations have now ceased and the property will be modified during this year to a high quality warehouse that meets the quality standards and the demands of the industry. The ceiling height of the property is up to 12,5 meters and is equipped with six effective overhead cranes.

With these investments Rauanheimo is looking to expand not only the position as a leading bulk terminal operator but now also offering total logistics services also for other products in the port of Mussalo. Rauanheimo will be operating in the new property from the beginning of 2021.

– The investment supports and allows us to further develop our range of services for our customer base in Southern Finland. The property as well as the related land areas and railways are strategically located in one of Finland’s leading ports, says Joakim Laxåback, Managing Director of Rauanheimo.

According to Niko Orpana, Rauanheimo’s Region Director for Southern Finland, the property acquirement has aroused widespread positive interest among our customers. – We have already received several contacts regarding new potential cargo flow handling, says Orpana.

In addition to conveyer, crane, wheel loader, material handling equipment and 30 000 m2 bulk warehouses, Rauanheimo has now also invested in 26 000 m2 of internal storage for non-bulk products, in Mussalo.

Rauanheimo’s plan is to gradually increase the yearly volumes in Mussalo from the current one million tons to approximately three million tons. The investments have a significant role in order for Rauanheimo to achieve this goal.

Rauanheimo will keep investing in the development of their operations in order to become more efficient and environmentally friendlier.

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