The iron oxide traffic in Kokkola is picking up speed again

Rauanheimo has during a long period of time handled iron oxide in the port of Kokkola. The volumes decreased in 2015 when exports to outside of Europe ceased due to the world market situation. But now the exports have started again. The preliminary goal is to yearly transport approximately half a million tons iron oxide by rail to the port of Kokkola for export. Vessels pick up iron oxide from the port of Kokkola about every other month and load around 80 000 tons per vessel. This traffic brings up to cape-size class vessels to the port of Kokkola and benefits from the newly deepened 14-meter fairway. Rauanheimo has a good and long-lasting relationship with the customer where we develop the process together. The traffic started in the spring of 2020 and means increased volumes for Rauanheimo which contributes to increased turnover and employment.