Oy M. Rauanheimo Ab and the Port of Kokkola publish a joint historical review

Oy M. Rauanheimo Ab, which celebrated its’ 130th anniversary in 2014, have in collaboration with the Port of Kokkola, which turns 190 years old in 2015, published a historical review chronicling the common history of the two companies and the Port in Yxpila.

The illustrated book, which is over 230 pages long, is written by Ole Granholm and details the development in the port over the past 190 years. The book provides an interesting overview of all the changes that have occurred in this time, as the port has gone from servicing sail- and steam vessels to loading and unloading “Panamax”-class vessels, gigantic load carriers capable of transporting tens of thousands of tons of goods globally.

Through researching the archives and performing in-depth interviews, Granholm has been able to thoroughly describe the amazing transition that has taken place during the ports’ journey to becoming the third largest port in Finland, and the leader in the handling of transit goods. Historical flashbacks, many interviews and a large number of selected images give the reader a clear picture of how the port, the infrastructure and the ways of working have changed as the port has gone from a natural harbor to
becoming a transit port.



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