Rauanheimo and the Port of Kokkola seals record deal with Russian steel industry giant

The logistics company and port operator Oy M. Rauanheimo Ab continues and expands their cooperation with Russian steel industry giant Severstal. The companies have agreed on a record deal regarding the transport and handling of iron ore pellets from Russia through the Port of Kokkola.

The contract is worth about 105 million Euros. The contract covers the railway transport from Russia to Kokkola, the discharging of the cargo in the harbor, the warehousing and re-loading of the pellets onto vessels to be transported by sea to the world markets.

The work is being done in close cooperation with the Port of Kokkola, Finnish railway operator VR Transpoint, Russian railway operator RWD Services and the Russian logistics company EasyWay Logistics.

The whole chain of transport requires the services of about 100 people.

The Port of Kokkola is currently the leading port in Finland when it comes to handling and forwarding of Russian transit goods. The operations are increasingly based on complete service packages and Rauanheimo offers tailor made logistics solutions to save time and money for our customers.

The unique service concept that has been created here, and includes the railway cars used, brings both security and financial gains to the customer’s transports. The foundation for this is modern machinery, the very competitive Port of Kokkola, a solid partnership between companies and a skilled and motivated staff that guarantees high quality through tried and tested methods.

The contract was signed in St. Petersburg on Wednesday, October 30th 2013.

For more information please contact:

Oy M. Rauanheimo Ab: Joakim Laxåback, tel: +35850 387 3303

Port of Kokkola: Torbjörn Witting, tel: +35840 511 9595



In the picture:

Seated on the left the CEO of Rauanheimo Joakim Laxåback, on the right sales, acquisitions and logistics manager of Severstal Sergei Starodubtsev.

Standing, from the left: Rauanheimos partners: RWD Services (St. Petersburg) CEO Yuri Kim, EasyWay Logistics CEO Petri Leino, Port of Kokkola harbour director Torbjörn Witting and VR Transpoint sales manager Juha Petäjäniemi.