Koverhar is an old industrial port rebuilt for commercial use. The port is located about 15 kilometres from the city of Hanko and is part of the Port of Hanko. The location at the southern tip of Finland is ideal with good ice conditions.

Logistics are also good here, as the railway runs all the way up to the port. Plans are made to deepen the port to 14 metres. In Koverhar, there is plenty of space to handle and store goods, which makes the port perfect for large flows of bulk goods.

Koverhar Harbour facts

Depth: 10 metres (14 metres in the future)
Type of goods: Bulk goods and project cargo

Rauanheimo in Koverhar Harbour

Rauanheimo has operated in Koverhar since fall 2019 and has made large machinery investments in the port. Together with the Port of Hanko, our goal is to further develop Koverhar Harbour for both transit and domestic traffic.

Rauanheimo mainly handles anthracite and fuel wood in Koverhar. In connection to the handling, we also perform a great deal of added-value services, such as screening, sorting and storing bulk goods.